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Digital Branding… the ball is in your court!


The brand of your dreams… The perfect solution for you… X the only brand that can… Bla Bla Bla
How many of us pay attention to these messages anymore? Is there any magical way for brands to grab the attention of their audience in the digital world where message flooding is a fact?
Well, magical way I think there is not. Brands can and should use their imagination and creativity. Although, with these two ingredients alone, a danger lurks. Many brands focus exclusively in the popularity of their social content in terms of likes, shares, comments, retweets etc. But how can a video post with puppies chasing a ball can help your brand even if you gain much too much popularity on social media?
Strategy…necessity and need
At this point, a third ingredient comes, that is strategy. In the digital era, a well thought strategy can help brands approach their business objectives more effectively. This strategy has to reinforce the philosophy and the values of your brand and lead to your overall business aspirations.
Each brand has or should have a brand personality that differentiates it from the other brands, highlights its unique selling proposition and defines its values and characteristics. Digital media are great avenues to communicate your brand values, build your online brand communities and engage your audience in interactive dialogues around your brand. Just have in mind that now the power is not on you. Your audience has the power and this is a reality that each brand should realize and accept.
Consumers’ Power…turn it to your advantage
New media changed the way people communicate with brands. The powerful consumers can now publish product reviews, comment on your content, co-produce content with brands, etc. This fact could be your nightmare, but at the same time it might be a valuable advisor. If you listen to your online communities constantly, you can get real time feedback for your brand that can eventually result to more interesting brand content, stronger relationships with your brand advocates and supporters and the boost of positive word of mouth communication around your brand.
Content…a precious ally
Content is a king. Much cliché but really true nowadays. Your content strategy is really important to ensure the right online voice and style of your brand with its further details of tone, language and purpose of content. Relevant content, rich media content, visual content with colours that make a brand statement are just some of the many examples we can refer to. Do it right, be patient and persistent and sometime you will enjoy the fruits of your labor!
The art of storytelling
Another cliché? Well, storytelling is definitely not something new, but it could be the perfect fit for your brand’s presence on social media. Free your imagination and create a story. A story for your brand. A story that stems from your brand. A story that builds brand awareness, produces positive brand associations and evokes emotions. Everyone loves stories and a digital brand narrative could be proved the perfect way to promote your brand. Learn from the most successful brands and just do it. Create compelling stories that surprise and interest your brand’s audience!