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It’s a Smartphone’s World


Online advertising has long proved its value for almost any kind of business and any industry. Although, a successful online campaign assumes targeting the right audience, wherever it is and whatever device it uses. Apart from multichannel, advertising nowadays appear quite multiplatform, demonstrating a particular trend in mobile devices. Potential customers are on the go and they seem to use their smartphones a lot in order to use search engines, visit social networks, check email, look for product information and purchase products/services online1. Will you follow this trend or will you allow your audience turn a blind eye to your business?

If you are a proactive business, then we already know the answer to the aforementioned question. So let's start with the basics to react actively to the mobile transition. Most probably, you have already a business website. However, at the mobile era, online users have many expectations from you. Today, websites ought to be mobile friendly so that people will not abandon the website, having as a result high bounce rate and low user retention. Mobile friendliness doesn’t just mean a website that fits in a smaller screen. What you should be aware of regarding a mobile friendly site is that it should be easily discoverable by a user, lightweight with short loading time and intuitive with simple navigation and maybe large touch buttons.

In terms of online advertising, a mobile friendly site favors user interactions with the website and conversions (valuable actions for each business)2. In addition to this, mobile led era brings significant and unprecedented changes and opportunities for online advertisers. Now it is more feasible than ever for businesses to connect with their customers across all stages of the consumer journey and mainly at the purchase decision stage. In particular, mobile advertising can reach consumers in micro moments of time, location, and proximity. These unique aspects of mobile advertising implies even more benefits for local businesses.

So why not go mobile and reach the new generation of consumers? For any questions or clarifications, please contact Belugga’s AdWords certified team at We will be glad to answer any questions or comments you may have and upgrade your digital presence!
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