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Richer, Smarter, Engaging Social Media Content


Businesses nowadays, need to share more interesting and engaging content to retain and attract more users. Posting just a simple text post is not enough - except on Twitter where we usually use it to briefly share updates and news on time. The big social media platforms are continually working on and develop new technologies and features!

In this article, we are going to cover various types of content that can be shared in the most popular Social Media platforms and how they can be produced. 

Use Images more creatively!

Image posts are the ones mostly shared in social media both by businesses and all of us in our daily lives. Through the technology available and the numerous apps developed, these days we have the tools to shoot, enrich and create remarkable photos and graphics.
Enriching and making a plain photo more interesting with a border, some graphics and/or text, helps us having better results for our business.

But, there a few more things we can do to create even more engaging Image posts…

Facebook Slideshow

Facebook provides the opportunity to Page owners to create interesting video slideshows by compiling images they insert in the tool.

A slideshow we have created to announce the launch of our client’s new website, using some desktop screenshots of the project.

GIF Images

Transforming multiple images or videos into GIF animations using online tools, can produce appealing Social Media content to be posted in almost all Social Media platforms.

A series of posts we have produced to promote our products and services.

Moving photos - Cinemagraphs 

The evolution of GIF images. Using specific tools, we can produce impressive “live” photos that will also contain motion, emphasizing specific elements and making specific things stand out.

A moving photo we have built on behalf of our client CTO. Originial photo by: Markus Bassle 

Videos to the next level!

Similarly to photos, there are plenty of tools and technology out there that can help us generate wonderful videos.

Live videos

Moving forward from the traditional video formats, a number of Social Media platforms offer the opportunity to their users to broadcast live to their followers an interesting activity. You can have this real-time interaction and boost your business’s results figures on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

A live tutorial on how the Cypriot coffee is made, we produced for “Visit Cyprus” Facebook page.

Looping videos

We can instantly record and create short looping videos, usually with a more fun approach, using specific apps and tools offered by a couple of platforms including Twitter and Instagram (Boomerang app).
A looping video we have shoot during a Halloween party at our offices.

360° / 3D / VR videos

Special cameras can produce extraordinary recordings where viewers can navigate to every single angle of the video, giving them the feeling that they live for a while in another reality. We can also produce them using specific apps and features on our smartphones but of course with much lower outcomes.

Only Facebook, Twitter and some video sharing websites like YouTube and Vimeo support the navigation and viewing of 360° videos i.e. moving through the video by turning a smartphone or tablet or via using a VR Headset. Although 360° videos cannot be uploaded to most of the other platforms, they can be posted just like any other link and play through platforms like YouTube.

What's more, broadcasting Live 360° content is already out there through Facebook and Twitter but to a few page owners at the moment. Broadcasters will of course enjoy the benefits of live videos mentioned above.

A 360° video we have shot for our client CapoBay


There is even more you can do with your images and videos. Facebook gives us the opportunity to make some creative advertisements through their Canvas and Carousel features. Both options let us create ads that combine clickable text, image and video content as well as call-to-action buttons and links, each with a different style and arrangement.

Well, these include some of our favourite formats we love to experiment with and produce these very interesting outcomes. Social media is our one of Belugga’s passions and we always crave to discover new exciting features. 

So…?! Do you have any particular ideas and need help on how to implement and publish them? Are you even dry of new and fresh ideas? Be sure that our team has the talent and the know-how to help you out!

For any questions or clarifications, please contact Belugga’s skillful team at We will be glad to answer any questions or comments you may have.