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The 3 step Mobile App


Beasmart is an online platform which allows users to build their own mobile application online following 3 simple steps. Beasmart mobile application platform provides many features like: Blog Post News feed, Facebook Posts feed, Points of Interest and Map, HTML Content, YouTube playlist feed and Contact us form.

Everything is in our pockets now, right? We are talking of course about our mobile devices, which nowadays run the world, offering more and more capabilities with new applications popping up every moment. Using only your finger you have the ability to search, explore, demand and learn everything you need to. Simply by tapping your favorite app icon on your mobile screen you can concrete the world – in a manner of speaking!

Let’s make an app!

Beasmart is an online and competively affordable platform, with everything you need in order to build your own mobile application. Follow 3 simple steps and boom - you have an app!!! Your mobile application is ready and you can now reach your existing and potential customers everywhere through their iPhone or Android mobile device. That’s the philosophy that our in-house mobile developers had in mind, while they were consuming liters of coffees and extra GBs of thoughts in order to bring this platform to life. Always under the melody of the Titanic theme song ‘’ Near, far, wherever you are!’’ the developers of Beasmart avoided all codebergs and had deliver a mobile App made for you by you! Yes, it can’t be more personal!

Beasmart is an all-round customer mobile experience management platform. If you know how to count from 1 until 3 then you can create your personal Mobile App with us.