Looking for an online reservation system for your tour or activity business? WanderPro is the solution for you.


Belugga’s Excursions Management System enables the management, sale and distribution of excursions through multiple distribution channels both in the online and offline worlds. WANDEPRO is a comprehensive online system allowing tour operators to offer online bookings and ticketing for their excursions, central management and real-time information. Our Excursions system can be customized to meet specific business requirements.
WANDEPRO is customizable to adjust to specific business requirements
(openly available to new customized components or add-on developments of your choice according to your needs.)

Always Available - Full Management - Secure Platform
Full control of excursions allotment to avoid over-bookings
  • Create, sell and manage excursions online
  • Online booking of Excursions and Instant Ticket issuing
  • Manage content, suppliers and costs
  • Set periods, rates, timeplans for each Tour & Activities
  • Real Time Content Updates
  • Availability and stop sales options for full control of excursions allotment to avoid over-bookings
  • Add supplements
  • Excursion Discounts
  • Define pickup places and times
  • Commissions by different user groups
  • Personalized automated email and message notifications
  • Online invoicing & credit notes
  • Various analytic reports
  • Keep an eye on everything with insightful analytical reports on your sales, profit, scheduled excursions, failed email reports etc.
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