Hotel Online Reservation System

Everything you need for promoting online your hotel services.


Belugga’s Hotel Online Reservation System (HORS) is a reliable, easy to use online platform that provides a number of features to the end user but also a customizable, engaging front end that attracts visitors.

Whether you want to integrate a new online reservation system with your current website or want to start fresh, Belugga can provide a solution. HORS can be added to your existing website to enable your website visitors to book accommodation. Or you can can use our all-in-one services: designing and developing your Hotel website from scratch and embedding our in-house fully featured CMS (SpiderCMS) and our Hotel Online Reservation System (HORS).
Provide your customers an enticing and effective system to make instant reservations online.
With all the features you need to run your online bookings

TripConnect integration - receive bookings from Tripadvisor

Publish your availability and rates on TripAdvisor and direct visitors to your website - hotel booking engine to complete their booking.

Bookings through Facebook

Add our booking engine to your Facebook page and start taking bookings through Facebook.

Manage Booking

Manage Reservations, edit details, make changes and or amend/cancel reservations.

Integration with channel managers and PMS systems

Ability to integrate with PMS systems so that you can have everything in one system.

Keep an eye on everything

Have a complete overview of the daily, weekly, monthly performance of your hotel. Google Analytics will also be installed on the site in order to keep an eye on detailed statistics about the traffic of your website, the conversions and sales measurements.

Personalize your automated email notifications

Fully Customizable and automated Email templates notifications upon booking, reminders, pre check-in emails to promote additional services and post check-in emails to thank your customers.

Markup Rules

Markup flexibility with setting global or specific markups, also different days of the week can have different markups, setting base markups on the number of stays, and/or setting different referrals with different markups! 

Direct Real Time Bookings

Your visitors can book real time and receive instant booking confirmations with no delays.

Fully Responsive

Have your hotel precisely tailored to perfectly fit all screen resolution sizes, from desktop through to mobile.

Full control of your website

Easy way to manage your hotel content and imagery.

Availability rules at a click

Set up your availability rules with as little as few clicks! Apply stop sales, release days and minimum stays.

Payment Policies flexibility

Payment and cancelation policies can be defined based on your different customer groups. Additionally your clients can have a choice to either pay by credit card or PayPal.

Define Rooms and Occupancy Combinations

Ability to add different room types, amenities and different occupancy combinations.

Easily set up different rates for different time periods 

Set different periods (high season – low season) and their different prices. You will also have the ability to change rates on a daily basis.


Our team believes in strong and long term customer relationships and will provide support to the system in order to maintain a successful online business.


You can access the admin page anywhere and anytime, no software downloads are needed. As long as you have internet access you can access the system directly.

Targeting guest from around the world

Multiple currencies and markups can be added to help you sell in a variety of markets. Content can also be presented in multiple languages.

Let customers to personalize their stay

Allow customers to add extras to their holidays like spa treatments, services, transfers, car hires etc or anything else you can think of.

Maximize revenue through user oriented interface.

Increase your sales, with an easy to use yet efficient user interface. We specialized in user interfaces using eye tracking technology to increase bookings.

Search Engine Optimized

Our websites support SEO by including an administration section where an authorized user can add and edit the Meta description, titles and keywords for each page, and image.

Discounts, Promotions and supplements - all covered!

A wide variety of discounting options to select from, for early booking discounts, off-season promotions, meal type offers etc. With the ability to setup supplements for high season periods, event supplements, short stays and weekend rates.

Safe, Secure and Reliable

Password-protected interface, where all personal details are kept safe in a secured database.
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