Anassa Hotel website

Anassa is a 5 star ultimate Mediterranean retreat, located in Cyprus. Anassa is a part of the Leading Hotels of the world.
The website was created utilizing our in-house SpiderCMS and Hotel Online Reservation System. It has numerous custom modules in order to satisfy customer’s needs.

Business Benefits:
• The easy-to-use content administration module enables the non-technical hotel staff to effectively manage hotel content, availability and other important parameters.
• The user oriented interface, the direct real time bookings and the various discounting and promotional options maximized the Hotel’s revenue.
• Enabling cross-selling services by letting customers to personalize their stay: babysitting requests, baby club needs and enquiries, booking spa treatments, gift ideas and various other products/services.
• Fully Responsive and OS and Browser Flexible: reaching users across devices.
• Increased desirability and boosted the presentation of Anassa Hotel as a luxurious meditteranean retreat.

Thanos Hotels Testimonial

“I guess expecting a personalised service in a web world is a bit controversial. Working with Belugga though this is what you get. The whole team has the ability to capture the clients vision translate it into code and present it on screen overshooting expectations. Choosing to work with Belugga for our 4 four website was a great decision; great partners and excellent pre and post service.”

Panayiotis Kyprianou

Business Development Manager, Thanos Hotels