Beasmart App
Beasmart is an online platform which offers the ability to create your own customized mobile app. Beasmart includes the Online App CMS platform and the mobile app. The Online App CMS is used for creating and modifying the content which will be displayed in the mobile app.
Beasmart is composed of a Content Management System (CMS) and incorporates Beacons and Push notifications. Beacons are small devices that broadcast Bluetooth signal which a mobile device can receive and with the use of your custom mobile app, perform specific actions (Receive Notifications, Open a Website, Provide a Video Presentation of a Product and more).
Beacons can be easily attached to any location or object they transmit Bluetooth LE v4.0 Signal and they have a fully adjustable radius of signal broadcast (up to 70 Meters). With the integrated custom app builder, you can create your brand’s mobile app, select the content to offer to your app users, integrate with your social media channels and reach them with Push Notifications when they are not in range with a Beacon Device.