Pure india website
Pure India is a B2C travel booking website which offers a range of services within India, Sri Lanka and Nepal for inbound tourism. The website consists of both transactional and inspirational content where customers can have a better insight and learn more about the destination. Pure India is an independent brand operated by Thomas Cook India Ltd. Pure India utilizes our in-house DOTATO Hybrid System. The platform offer variety of attractive Tours & Activities, hotel Transfers and Holiday packages. 

Business Benefits:
  • The easy-to-use content administration module which enables the non-technical staff to effectively manage the services content, availability and other important parameters.
  • The direct real time bookings and the various discounting and promotional options which attract customers and maximize the revenue.
  • Both B2C (Pure India) and B2B (SIta Online) websites managed from one administration.
  • User oriented interface which represents the look and feel of the destination.
  • Inspirational content about the services in a form of blog posts sourced from the local experts.
  • Ability to personalize the Holiday packages, by changing the hotel, upgrading the room and adding up or removing Tours and Activities. 
  • The possibility of web services connection with customers to feed their system with the Pure India rates.