Travel enthusiast? Discover DOTATO, a real time online booking platform for hotels, transfers, flights and other services.

DOTATO Hybrid System is a modular and scalable application.
This means that you can mix and match system’s modules to achieve the solution that suits your business best.
Belugga’s comprehensive Destination Online Travel Agent and Tour Operator travel booking platform (DOTATO) allows to create, promote and sell individual travel services and packages online. The offered services can be supplier contracted or sourced from the bed banks and the 3rd party providers.
Our system offers a range of interfaces that your customers can book your services from: B2B, B2C and web services available for various viewports. You can have them all with just one, password secured service and bookings management administration, which you can enter anywhere you are.
The DOTATO Hybrid System can be either integrated with your existing website, or offered as a complete solution together with a powerful fresh and sleek, fully responsive website, which we will custom developed for you. This will assure best customer experience resulting in your business boost.
DOTATO Hybrid is a complete solution for a tour operator, an OTA and a DMC all in one. It is an easy to use, attractive and reliable system which guaranteed a positive experience for both parties.
Through DOTATO your clients can book a selection of Accommodation, Flights, Car Hire, Transfers, Excursions & Services and Holiday Packages online. They can be attracted by various eye-catchy deals and promo offers, check the Tripadvisor ratings and comments and read interesting facts about the destination from the local experts blog posts.

Key benefits for your clients

  • Convenient real time booking which offers the 24/7 availability and instant confirmation of the reserved services.
  • Multi-currency and multi-language options (all languages supported) for your global clientele to choose from.
  • Authorized access for the B2B agents with defined view options depending on their role.
  • Variety of the payment options for your client preference.
  • Geo location targeting which helps the user (traveler or agent) identify the location of the service.
  • Incorporated TripAdvisor ratings for the, which may help users make their decision.
  • Eye-catching Dynamic Promotional Banners and landing pages to easy find the promoted services.

Benefits for you

  • Offer your own inventory contracts for the services.
  • Integrate with hotel bed banks and broaden your product range and rate options for the traveler/agent.
  • By Flights integration with GDS (e.g. Amadeus) and flight aggregators (e.g. TravelFussion) you can offer even wider range of services which can be then sold on their own or packaged up in attractive holidays.
  • Use HUB to define the accommodation rates preferred to be given to client (e.g. lowest available rate or rate from selected provider).
  • You, your client and a supplier will receive automated personalized emails post every booking for continuous communication and information.
  • The system offers the ability to assign margins for the rates on different levels. This can help you differentiate your markets.
  • Possibility to create different customers and set up various desired global or per service policies and commissions (B2B).
  • You can view and export tailor made bookings reports through the Online Reports tool for constant insight and monitoring your business performance.
  • The system generates invoices automatically according to the policies set for each agent and matches supplier invoices to your purchases (B2B).
  • You also have the possibility to integrate with your accounting system for facilitating the financial processes.
  • Features many interfaces which will let you reach every desired customer.
Travel Enterprises from around the world have reached out for the DOTATO Hybrid System,
which become their choice for their businesses of the online booking operations in both B2B and B2C environments.

If you wish to take a guided tour around the DOTATO functionalities please contact us here.

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