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About Belugga

Belugga is an established Bespoke Web and Mobile Applications Development and Digital Agency based in Nicosia, Cyprus.

With more than 15 years of experience Belugga specializes exclusively in the design and development of bespoke online systems and mobile applications. Over the years, Belugga’s team of competent and talented professionals has been continuously evolving and has gained the trust of a noteworthy client base.

Combining business knowledge with technology competence and proven methodologies Belugga delivers successful applications and systems ensuring a competitive advantage and successful revenue streams.

Belugga’s experienced and acclaimed team specializes not only in delivering quality and maximum value in implementations but also in partnering with clients for a strong long-lasting customer relationship.

Belugga is part of the Francoudi & Stephanou Group of companies


Content Management System

The in-house Content Management System, SpiderCMS is developed using the advanced Microsoft .NET technologies. SpiderCMS is an easy-to-use online platform where authorized users can add, edit and modify the content of their website.

The system is fully customizable and is composed of modules suitable to a broad range of industries. Modules include media galleries, online gallops, content articles, news publishing and many more.


  • Full Control of Content
  • Minimal Effort for website updates
  • Optimized for Search Engines
  • Multilingual
  • Easy to use – WYSIWYG Interface
  • Secure Platform
  • Real Time (fast) Content Updates
  • Creation of unlimited users
  • No content or user limitations
  • Full Training provided
  • 24/7 Support Provided
  • Maintenance Services
Hotels Online Reservation System
Everything you need for promoting attractive and effective online reservations to your clients.

Belugga’s Online Reservation System for Hotels, HORS, provides a powerful, reliable and easy to use booking engine to customers to make instant hotel reservations online.

The system combines the vital features of a hotel reservation system with the latest online booking technology, developed using the advanced technologies of Microsoft .NET.

Whether you want to integrate a new online reservation system with your current website or want to start fresh, Belugga can assist you.

Main Features includes:

Targeting guest from around the world

Multiple currencies and markups will help you sell in a variety of markets. Our CMS allows you to manage content in multiple languages.

Increase your sales, with an easy to use yet efficient user interface

Using eye tracking technology to increase bookings.
  • Easy navigation for customers
  • Strategically placed buttons
  • Call to action buttons

Discounting and Promotion options. All covered!!

  • Meal Upgrades
  • Early Booking
  • Weekend Rates
  • Free Nights
  • Room Upgrades

Define rooms and occupancy

Availability rules at a click

  • Stop sales
  • Release days
  • Minimum days

Easily set up different Rates for different time periods

Payment Policies & Cancellation flexibility

Allowing customers to add extras to their holidays…

  • Up-sell extra items like Spa packages and any other services you offer
  • Cross-sell of Transfers, Car Hires etc

Using website for online and email marketing purposes

  • Newsletter Plug-in in strategically positions to opt visitors to subscribe for future promo newsletters
  • Search Engine Optimized Websites  Our websites enable authorized user to add and edit Meta description, titles and keywords for each page, and image.
Belugga is a Google Adwords Certified Partner and can provide PPC ads on Google so that your hotel’s advertisement appears at search results for specific keywords and locations.

Personalize your automated email notifications

Availability – access anywhere and anytime

Keep an eye on everything

Having complete overview of your reservations, make changes and or amend and cancel reservations and detailed statistics about the traffic of your website using Google Analytics.

Secure and reliable platform, using SSL certificates for secure transactions.

If you would like to know more about our in-house Hotel Online Reservation System please contact us. We will be happy to show you a demonstration of a live website, and discuss in detailed the system specifications.
Travel Industry Systems

Belugga’s full featured Online Booking System is a hybrid solution of a tour operator, an OTA and a DMC all in one. 

DOTATO Hybrid is developed to provide full featured solutions to a tour operator, with a real time booking ability for travel services like hotels, villas, car hires, transfers, excursions, activities, flights and packages. With DOTATO you can create, promote and sell services and dynamic packages online.

DOTATO is a modular system that can be customized according to the client's needs and can integrate with multiple services.

DOTATO Main Modules:

  • Hotels: Search, filter and display hotels based on various criteria you define, apply discount options and provide instant booking, set cancellation and prepayment policies
  • Flights: Ability to integrate with other systems, sell flights as a service on its own or packaged with other services
  • Car hire: Add your own car hire contracts or integrate with other systems
  • Transfers: Provide multiple transfer options, price automatically calculated based on pick up points and destination
  • Excursions / Activities: Add excursions content, availability, types and rates according to age group

DOTATO Features:

  • Real time booking for hotels, flights, car hire, transfers and excursions
  • With DOTATO you can target the global market having the flexibility to accommodate multiple currencies and multiple languages
  • Multiple payment options
  • Various Markup rules to choose from: global or specific customer group markups based on IP, different days of the week with different markups, different referrals = different markups, cancellation policies markups at multiple levels (services/customer groups)
  • Flexible rates and discounts
  • Flexible policies
  • Geo location targeting
  • Dynamic package building
  • Multiple interfaces for web: Web, Extranet, Mobile and XML Web Services for B2C and B2B customers
  • Automated personalized Email notifications to customers and suppliers
  • Custom online reports

Due to the continuous changes of the travel industry, we are always evolving and upgrading DOTATO Hybrid with additional functionalities and modules that can be offered to our customers as options.

If you would like to know more about our Online Booking System please contact us. We will be happy to discuss more about our system with live demonstration.
Excursions Management System
WANDEPRO is an Excursions Management System which enables the sale and distribution of tours and activities through new distribution models both in the online and offline worlds. 

WANDEPRO is a comprehensive online system allowing tour operators to offer online bookings and ticketing for their excursions, central management and real-time information.

Our Excursions system can be customized to meet specific business requirements


  • Create sell and manage Excursions online
  • Online booking of Excursion and Instant Ticket issuing
  • Manage content, suppliers and costs
  • Set periods, rates, timeplans for each Tour & Activities
  • Availability and stop sales options for full control of excursions allotment to avoid over-bookings
  • Add supplements
  • Excursion Discounts
  • Define pickup places and times
  • Commissions by different user groups
  • Personalized automated email notifications
  • Online invoicing & credit notes
  • Keep an eye on everything with insightful analytical reports on your sales, profit, scheduled excursions, failed email reports etc.
  • Secure Platform
If you would like to know more about our Excursions Management System please contact us. We will be happy to discuss more about our system with live demonstration.
Digital Marketing

Belugga provides an integrated digital marketing strategy covering all aspects of digital marketing with its experienced, creative and certified digital marketing team.

Promote your websites, products or services through an integrated digital marketing strategy with google advertising, social, mobile, video ads, email campaigns and a bunch of other effective digital marketing tools and strategies.

Digital Marketing services provided include:

  • Google AdWords is our strength, and as official Google Partner in search and display advertising, we can setup your account, manage your PPC, analyse keywords and optimise your campaigns.
  • Exploit Google Analytics to understand your visitors and gain insights that will help you to distribute and optimise your marketing budget.
  • Augment your online presence with Search Engine Optimisation. Be in the first places of any organic search engine results! We can assist you with the optimisation of your on-page and  off-page / external links.
  • YouTube is not just a video sharing website, we can turn it into a powerful advertising tool to engage your audience! Online video is an ad format that you should include in your digital strategy to capture and entertain your audience.
  • Is it the mobile bloom? Or people prefer the “on the go” trend? We do not care! We see it as a tremendous opportunity to reach your audience through Mobile Ads.
  • We live in the online social era! Do not miss its opportunities! Social Media are vital to any industry. We can help you to set up your own channels, build up your core social media strategy and promote them through social paid ads.
  • People write emails to communicate, we plan Email Campaigns to advertise! Aware people about your products, services and news and gain a place in their inbox! Email campaigns will help your company to reach your audience in a different way.

You need more information about digital marketing and its potential? Be our guest! Contact us and we will be happy to present our services and discuss your needs in detail.
Beacotel Mobile Application

The Beacotel Mobile Application is developed exclusively for the use of beacon devices which use BLE v4 technology to send the notifications to the mobile device of the application holder.

Beacotel content management is a very user friendly online platform where authorized users can add, edit and modify the content of the mobile application and sent notifications. The Beacotel Mobile Application can be customized to meet specific business requirements.

Main Features

  • Availability on iOS and Android
  • Full control of application content
  • Unlimited number of advertisement campaigns
  • Unlimited number of context-specific notifications for each campaign
  • Possibility to send the notifications based on:
                 • The period of time
                 •  The day of the week
                 •  The distance of the beacon from the mobile device
  • Messages sent in form of image, text or URL
  • Easy to use platform interface
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