Passion for action

is what we believe in!

Honest, workaholics

and strongly dedicated to our customers

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3-step Development Process


- Meeting with a client
- Vision of the project 
- Analysis of the gathered Requirements 
- Data Collection


- Intense Coding to shape the customer's vision
- Application of the desired Layout 
- Constant contact with the customer and Feedback


- Functionality and design quality checks 
- Thorough Testing 
- Overall project Approval

Belugga's History


Established as WebWorx by SpiderNet Services Public Ltd (First internet provider in Cyprus).


SpiderNet is acquired by HNS Ltd part of Francoudi & Stephanou Group of Companies.



SpiderNet merged with PrimeTel Plc, where the WebWorx team became a division. Francoudi & Stephanou owns large stake of PrimeTel Plc.


WebWorx spin–off to become BeluggaWeb Ltd under Francoudi & Stephanou Group of Companies.


Belugga keeps growing. Currently it consists of the development & UI team supported by Project Officers.