About e-Commerce

You know the feeling of sitting on your couch and browsing online through things to buy? So do your customers! Give them an option to make their shopping anytime without having to leave their home.

Belugga offers you a reliable e-shop solution full of great features. The platform we use to build your online shop is an online open source, yet customizable. This means that your shop can look and function exactly as you wish, and you can update your products and view sales anytime you want!

Do you already have a website and all you need is shopping functionality? We have a solution for that too! If you are not starting fresh, Belugga can add an online shop to as an extension of your current website.

The ultimate, feature-packed solution for your online shop.

Present your products in the most attractive way

Feature images, describe attributes and tag your recommendations, new arrivals, sales or recurring items! Moreover allow your customers compare between items to make even better purchase decision!

Unlimited number of sales and products

A happy customer is a returning customer! We know it as well as you, that’s why we do not limit your sales or products.

Customer account to see their activity

Each of your customers can sign up for their own account. They will be able to create wish lists and add the items they loved, see the status of their current orders and all that they bought from your e-shop so far.


Shipping has many faces… it can be a standard fee, free either anytime or over a certain amount spent, or more traditional in-store pickup. Whichever option you would like to offer to your client, we’ve got you covered!

Show or hide your price

Show full price for each product including the applicable VAT (depending on the product group), or mark these extra-valuable or custom made items “upon request“.

Gift card and gift wrap

Making presents to others is always a joy! Whether it is a beautifully wrapped item, or a gift card for your shop it will for sure be appreciated!

Maximize revenue through a user-oriented interface

Increase your sales with a sleek, attractive and easy to use, yet efficient template.

Build your own brand

Make that gorgeous template your brand! We will adapt the logo and color scheme so that your identity stands out! Want to make it fully yours? No problem. We offer customizations!

Adaptable to any device

Whether your customers prefer to browse from their pcs, laptops, pads or phones, their shopping experience will be the same! We got it covered!

Multiple languages

Did you know that here are over 6k languages in the world! Offer some of them on your e-shop and sell to even larger pool of customers.

Safe & GDPR compliant

Your customers trust you and share their data with you, so trust us that we keep it fully protected and in compliance with the law.

Online payments

Fully secure payments are handled entirely online via reliable gateways. Your customers will receive a PDF receipt for all their purchases.

Products management with minimal effort

Easy interface helps in the management of the single items. Or just simply upload all the products with a file.

Manage stock and returns

Easily manage your products stock: backorder and preorder status for each product by characteristics (i.e. color or size) and product returns.

Let your customers speak for your products

Customer reviews are the best marketing tool for the products you offer. They will be able to provide feedback on the products they purchased, encouraging others to buy.

Have insight to your sales with the available reports

Check which are your bestsellers and which items need more marketing, and who is your top customer.

Push your sales even more with a variety of discounts and coupons

Discount specific items, product categories, or order totals, by fixed price or percentages. Offer flash sale coupons with valid start & end date, and more.

Getting in touch with you

Communication is essential. Your customers can reach you via email or by sending you a message via the contact form available on the website, or live chat (additional).

Customize your e-shop

We do customizations! We can tweak your online shop to work and look exactly as you imagine!

Reward your customers for their loyalty

Give loyalty points for each purchase, which they will be able to redeem for additional products at your store.


Discover all features by contacting us! We’d love to hear from you.

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