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3-step Development Process


- Meeting with a client
- Vision of the project 
- Analysis of the gathered Requirements 
- Data Collection


- Intense Coding to shape the customer's vision
- Application of the desired Layout 
- Constant contact with the customer and Feedback


- Functionality and design quality checks 
- Thorough Testing 
- Overall project Approval

Belugga's History


Established as WebWorx by SpiderNet Services Public Ltd (First internet provider in Cyprus).


SpiderNet is acquired by HNS Ltd part of Francoudi & Stephanou Group of Companies.



SpiderNet merged with PrimeTel Plc, where the WebWorx team became a division. Francoudi & Stephanou owns large stake of PrimeTel Plc.


WebWorx spin–off to become BeluggaWeb Ltd under Francoudi & Stephanou Group of Companies.


Belugga keeps growing. Currently it consists of the development & UI team supported by Project Officers.

Meet The Team

of your future success

Businessman, entrepreneur and leader who turns ideas into actions which effect in significant turnovers. Privately, car and technology enthusiast.

Sotos Stephanou


Great mind with technology approach and robust travel business knowledge. On daily basis discovers new nooks and crannies of the world of travel and translates them into powerful online solutions.

Andreas Michaelou

Chief Technical Officer

A powerful lady in tech, makes sure the deliverables are delivered and the impossible is made possible. On the day-to-day, she is the link between the client and the “virtual” world of programmers. Privately adventure and travel enthusiast.

Alicja Zurowska - Miltiadou

Operations & Projects Manager

According to Alex, "everything can be solved with a pizza".

Alexandros Zachariades

Technology Team Lead

A very professional and friendly person who combines strong technical knowledge with a holistic approach in problem solving. Always willing to help regardless if with choosing the font style or the optimal cloud hosting solution. Obsessed with tiny sport cars and gadgets.

Panayiotis Varnava

Software support and testing engineer

A dedicated Software Developer passionate about programming and extremely efficient in any project he undertakes. Proud of Giolou village where he was born and raised among the Mediterreanian nature and scents of orange blossoms.

Argyris Argyrou

Software Developer

Innovative web developer focused on design and optimization with modern front-end architecture of the applications.

Andys Georgiou

Software Developer

Ioanna Wyrazik

Software Developer

Enjoys mysteries in general and challenges that come with being a developer. Very inquisitive and eager to learn something new every day, from tech to code! Additionally, contrary to most programmers believes JavaScript IS fun.

Ernesta Grigaityte

Junior Software Developer

Enthusiastic for new technologies and passionate with coding programmer. Strong team player and supporter of an African proverb “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.“ Privately loves gaming and football. His dream is to travel the world.

Constantinos Kapsoullis

Junior Software Developer