About Spider CMS

The system is fully customizable and is composed of modules suitable for a broad range of industries. Modules include media galleries, online gallops, content articles, news publishing and many more.

- Belugga’s experienced web designers offer high quality, fully responsive web design solutions. All the designs are custom and adjusted to our customer’s individual needs and preferences.

- All bespoke web systems and responsive websites developed by us, come with Belugga’s own Content Management System, Spider CMS. Spider CMS is an easy-to-use online platform that gives non-technical staff the ability to add, edit and modify the content of their website, developed using the advanced  Microsoft.NET technologies.

- Belugga’s philosophy is the development and maintenance of bespoke web systems with a transactional character like online transactions and e-commerce sites, as well as tailored websites, properties, news portals, or intranet systems for the companies to manage and execute their online operations successfully.
- Full Control of Content

- Minimal Effort for website updates

- Optimized for Search Engines

- Multilingual support

- Easy to use interface

- Real-Time Content Updates
- No content or user limitations

- Unlimited authorized users can customize, manage and have full control of the web site content

- Role-based security to control user and user-groups that can have access to the system

- Supports various file types such as video, audio, images, PDF, Microsoft documents, text, html etc
- Caching of a website for improved performance

- Supported by Microsoft

- Full control and support for future customizations

- Secure Platform

- 24/7 Support

- Provided Maintenance Services

If you would like to know more about our Bespoke solutions please contact us.

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